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Grand Opening Of Catherine Cakery Studio @Tropicana Avenue

Congratulation to Catherine Cakery Studio for the grand opening. Thanks, to Catherine, owner of Catherine Cakery Studio for the invitation. I was having fun during the grand opening. Love the cosy and clean studio. The cakery studio is fully equipped with bakery tool. 

It was such an honour to learn from Catherine on how to make a cute figurine. The bear figurine seems hard to me as this is my first time hand on. You need to be patience and detail when making your own figurine. 

Angeline was my partner in crime on that day and we successfully completed our bear figurine mission. 

Catherine is so generous as she prepared different type of cake for us to try. I love the lemon cheesecake as the cake texture is soft and nice lemon smell. While my hubby prefers the red velvet cake. not too sweet and melt easily in the mouth. 

Are you passion in baking as Catherine Cakery studio offers a different type of bakery courses. Catherine Cakery Studio also accepts an order for a birthday party, e…
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SCORE FitMob Festival 2017 On 30th September 2017

Score FitMob Festival 2017 is back with more exciting activities that will keep you energised all day long. Mark down your calendar as this is the biggest Score FitMob that will happen on 30th September 2017 at KWC Starxpo Centre, KL.

Introduce the ultimate hit program that arranges just for you.

LesMills BodyCombat
Put in all your energy and enjoy the high energy body combat. A mixture of mixed martial arts that inspired your daily workout.

Strong by Zumba
Get excited as you work harder to move with the music. enjoy every movement to excel for good fitness.

KpopX Fitness
KpopX® Fitness is not your traditional dance fitness program. Creator and founder, Maddy Lim has developed many creative low impact High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) moves that are designed for maximum calorie burn!

U-Jam Fitness
Groove with the music as the urban dance fitness will make your heart pump fast. Make you work up a sweat and have fun with it.

This night of music and intense activity is joined by our sp…

Mahligai Nelayanku Ramadhan Buffet Gastronomic @Cinnamon Coffee House

Let's celebrate this year Ramadhan at Cinnamon Coffee House. This year, Cinnamon Coffee House brings adventure gastronomic to their dinner. Executive Sous Chef, Saiful Baharin and his culinary brigade Showcasing more than 100 authentic local dishes and flavours from appetiser to desserts.

Nothing can beat authentic soulful Malaysian food that can warm up your stomach. Feature Kambing Opor Daun selum, Ikan Kari Assam Pedas, Daging Masak Tiga Rasa, Chicken Mandy, Mixed Seafood Paella with Tomato, Beef Wellington and Buttered Tiger Prawn with Cili Padi and Curry Leaves.

Of cause you would not want to miss the delicious food include Daging Deng Deng, Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak, Bubur Lambuk, Sup gearbox, Daging Kawah, Ayam Percik, Burung Puyuh Berempah, Sup Ekor Lembu Bersantan.

Dinner also gets to try their Western and Japanese cuisine. You can expect a high quality of ingredients serve at Cinnamon Coffee House.