Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The Best Crab in Hong Kong - Heng Kee Fried Crab

Good new for crab lover as you get to taste Heng Kee Fried Crab in Malaysia. I am a crab lover and I have heard of Heng Kee Fired Crab in Hong Kong but I did not got any changes to taste it myself. Thanks to Mandy Cheng, I get to taste the Heng Kee Fried Carb from Hong Kong. You can order the crab as it will send to you in vacum package and the food texture still maintain in good condition. Wohooooo....
 The crab is so huge is ready to be served. I just need to reheat the crab to bring out the nice aroma of the crab.
 My family and I so excited that we going to taste the crab. One bite of the crab, make me so satisfied with the freshness of the crab and also the crunchy paste. The crab mix well with the paste as it bring the sweetness of the crab. Not too spicy and it can be pair with rice or noodle.
They enjoying the crab and both of them eat non stop. Don't throw away the paste as you can eat with Udon noodle or put some in your cooking to bring up the taste for your dishes.
                  Yummy, I add some of the paste in my noodle. This is the awesome crab that I have taste.
If you love Heng Kee Fried Crab and wish to know more about the food, visit http://www.heekeecrab.com/index.do. Sorry peeps as the website in chinese. More information you can try to google for Heng Kee Fried Crab.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Largest Beauty Review Website - Muffin.my

The first time I hear regarding muffin, I though is a website that selling muffin. But when I browse through their website , Muffin is the largest beauty review in Malaysia. 

Do you have any beauty experience or beauty tips to share? Need any tip regarding beauty products? Where I can get this awesome products? Are this the correct product that suit my skin? You can find the answer at Muffin.my. Sign up www.muffin.my to share your beauty experience.

Once you have sign up, you will get 500 points credit into you account. What can I do with the reward point ? This is my favourite part, as I can change with my favorite products for FREE. Yes,,,,,it's free.

Collect more points by sharing your beauty tips. Checkout for more how you can your points faster  http://www.muffin.my/redeem/earn_point.

Let's check out what is the Top Ranking products in Muffin website. You also can click at articles for more update . What are you waiting for?????Come and join me as Muffin member .

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Horien Eye Secret : My secret of bigger and seductive eye

Recently I found this gorgeous and natural contact lens that suit my eye. Horien Eye Secret a range of products by Malaysia-based company, Horien Optic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has been launched on April 11, 2015. The ambassador of Horien Eye Secret , Yumi Wong also presented during the launching.

I glad to be invited and witness the launching of Horien Eye Secret. Horien Eye Secret is different from other brand contact lenses as it unique formula of 38% water content and other brand is 55% water content. According to optician, the low percentage of water content means the lenses no need to draw moisture from its surrounding , thus eye will not dry easily.

 Attending the launching of Horien Secret with pretty butterflies (Miriam, Kak Ella, Carolyn, Anis and Noor Atiqah)

 I grab a free trial Horien eye secret colour lens and it come together with small pack of Horien eye secret Multi -Purpose solution.

                                             Thank you Horien Eye Secret for the sun glass

I am excited to try The Horien Eye Secret contact lens. I using Twinckle Star 1 Tone - Daily. You can seethe different in below picture. Before wearing Horien Eye Secret (upper picture) and after wearing Horien Eye Secret (lower picture) . My eye looks brighter and bigger after wearing Horien Eye Secret. And I wear for more than 8 hours. To my surprise, it did not dry up my eye. For your information I have a dry eye and is hard for me to find suitable contact lens that suit my eye. Now I found this precious gems  "Horien Eye Secret". Wohoooo 

 Beside it did not dry out my eye, Horien Eye Secret color lenses is safer to use as it protect the cornea from the color additives and is thinner. If you prefect non color lens, you would want to try Eye Secret 38% 1Day Soft Contact Lenses whereby it provide super moist experience. I fall in Love with Horien Eye Secret as it make my eye look bigger and sexy.

More information regarding Horien Eye Secret by like their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorienOpticMalaysia?fref=ts or visit their website at http://www.eyesecret.com.my/

Monday, 13 April 2015

How to make extra money by sharing link on your social media?

Do you know you can earn extra money by sharing link to your social media? I found this website call 8share Malaysia. If you love to earn extra money or get some free stuff, this is right website that you are looking for. First you need to create your own account by log in 8share.com/my

Once you have register, just log in using your user ID and password and you will be directed to the page. Before you start to share , there are some demo will pop up to teach you how share and be rewarded. Just choose any topic that you would like to share out. 

Then you will be directed to the next page whereby you can see how much you will earn if  someone click on the link that you have share.

Just follow 3 easy step to share this topic:-

Step 1

 Know what you’re sharing

Step 2

Choose your sharing message

Step 3

Share it with your friends

You can share it via Facebook, twitter or Google+

This is the sample how I share it on my Facebook. you also can write some caption to attract the person to click into your link. One click will earn you a reward.

Everyday you can monitor how much you have earned and how many BP you have get. Is so simple and you also can refer your friend to join this website. You will earn extra RM1 just by refer you friend to join 8share. You can cash out whenever you account has accumulated RM50.

Start your earning now and it easy to reward yourself just by sharing http://bit.ly/1fbHb4K . Enjoy sharing.

Celebrate 3rd Anniversary at One World Hotel

I met my current boyfriend three years ago when I started my new job in one of the famous MSC company. Both of us working the same department and reporting to the same manager. On 11 April 2015, it remarks our 3rd years in relationship and we still like a lovebird.

Usually I am the romantic person so I do the preparation to surprise him. Why am I do this????? Haha, I love to surprise him more. I make a booking at One world hotel and we staying at Junior suite. So as usual, we checked in the hotel on 11 April 2015 and to our surprise, the room is big and comfortable. The staff are so kind as they surprise us with cake for our anniversary . They decorated the bed and bath tube with roses.

The room is so clean and the staff welcome us with a basket of fruits. I love the services and it  a convenient place whereby the hotel attach to One Utama shopping mall. I do my shopping while enjoying the stay. It suitable for business traveler / family stay. 

The swimming pool is like a paradise and it open daily from 7am until 7pm.

I not manage to enjoy the gym facilities as too rush for me. The gym is so clean. You need to register yourself at the registration counter before you can enjoy the gym. The gym is open daily from 7am until 10 pm.

The stay also include 2 breakfast at Cinamon cafe . You can choose from different cuisine as they served Malay food, Chinese food, Western food, India food and also Japanese food. For the food I will rate 6 /10 as it too pricey .

Overall I enjoy my stay at One world hotel and I will recommend this hotel. I will rate the hotel 7/10. Both of us enjoy our stay in One world hotel and thank. We would like to thanks the staff from the arrangement that they have done for our anniversary. 

Want to enjoy the stay in One world Hotel? You may do your booking at http://web.oneworldhotel-petalingjaya.com/?gclid=CKLMiu6J88QCFUNwvAodtTgALg

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Get Sexy with Aqua Laque

Bourjois's new collection Aqua Laque has make me fall in love with it. Forget about lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm or lip liner as Aqua Laque break all the rules and write its own lip story. 

I using 07 Fuchsia Perche and it make look stunning in red. I love the glowing shades and it stay longer on my lip. 

Aqua Laque is combining a high concentration of water and Nymphea extract which has great moisturizing ability and that the reason it can stay longer hours on your lips. The liquid texture is smooth and fine . You won't feel that you are wearing a lipstick and it isn't sticky on the lip. 

Aqua Laque is explosion of colour and it come with 8 different colours that you can choose. Give it a try and you will fall in love with Bourjois Paris collection.

For more information, like Bourjois Malaysia (https://www.facebook.com/bourjoismy?fref=ts) to follow their amazing story about Aqua Laque. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2015

Who  will  be the next Bachelor for 2015? The winner will crown with the time on 24 April 2015. Hurry grab that month CLEO magazine to read all of the Top 50 Bachelor story. Log in bachelors.cleo.com.my to vote for your favourite Bachelor. 
I glad to be invited hang out with the Bachelor at the private event at GAP @ 1UTAMA. The Bachelor really a hot hunk.  Phewittt. :-P  Great event, great refreshment and name music to bring on the floor. Sharing same name pictures taken for the event. 

Want to score a ticket to party with hunk on 24 April 2015? Email your name, ic and phone name to magmylmarketing@bluinc.com.my with subject #MYCLEOEB15 before 20 April 2015.