Tuesday, 29 September 2015

4matic Team is Crazy About Food

4matic team has been formed since last year. We are active is treasure hunt and marathon . We become strong and our members keep growing. Why we choose 4matic as our team name? 4matic is represent strong and we can go through whatever challenge that come to us. Completing the challenge give us satisfaction.

Sushi is our favourite food
Sushi is my team favourite food. When we eat Sushi, we will pair it with Wasabi . It just our team, we work as a team and we complete our mission together. GO 4matic !!!! #AllianzFoodieHunt2015 #AllianzMalaysia #4matic

Monday, 28 September 2015

The best Japanese Restaurant - Koyaku Japanese Dining & Grill

Irassyaimase mean "Welcome" in Japanese. Let's go and explore the best Japanese food in Malaysia. Koyaku is a Japanese restaurant that I highly recommend. Koyaku brings to you the real Japanese culture and foods. 

A simple design from outside but when you enter the restaurant, you will be "wow" and impressed by  their design. I feel like having my dinner at Japan. Astro Boy ready to serve you with good food . Hehe...Koyaku Japanese Dining & Grill is a suitable place for gathering, enjoying Japanese food and hangout with your partner.

Let's talk about the food part. Hold on your saliva first ya... If you love Japanese food, you should try Chef Special Sashimi (Market price). The chef served us with fresh White Tuna, Salmon, Maguro, Hamachi and Botan Ebi. I impressed with the chef as they not only skillful in preparing the food but they ensure the food is fresh, clean and good food presentation. 

Don't be so greedy dip your your salmon into the Wasabi as the paste really spicy. I was chocked by the Wasabi but I still like the Wasabi. :P I have some useful tips to share with you : When you eat Sashimi, start with white color Sashimi (White Tuna, Hamachi) as the taste is light. Follow by the red color Sashimi as the taste is strong. The Sashimi is so juicy and  highly recommend. 

The next dish is Inaniwa Udon (you either can choose to serve in hot or cold) (RM 23). I will prefer to serve in cold. The Udon noodle is so smooth and taste good with the sauce. According to Ms. Chen, the Udon noodle is handmade by chef and it does not have any preservative. A simple preparation yet healthy food.  Ms. Chen shows us how to mix the mashed ginger and spring onion into the sauce. Then dip the Udon into the sauce and it ready to eat.

You have to try Koyaku Special Cawan Mushi (RM22). The portion is very big and it really satisfied my appetite. 

Want to try some Temaki? Let me introduce yummy Temaki. The first picture is Tuna Avocado Temaki, second picture is Soft Crab Temaki and the last picture is Koyaku Special Temaki. One word I will describe the Temaki is "tasty". I enjoying my dinner so much at Koyaku

Then next dishes is Maki Sushi. Maki sushi usually refer to Japanese dish consisting of sushi and raw vegetables wrapped in seaweed. Chef personally prepared variety of  Maki sushi for us. 

 I personally will recommend Phoenix Roll (RM 32). They use fresh Avocado on the top. 

Koyaku also provide set lunch or Choice Course Koyaku dinner that you can choose for. Reasonable price for the food.

Koyaku also been shortlisted by TimeOut Kuala Lumpur for Food Awards 2015. 

Special thanks to Alicia for bringing a lot of happiness to me as I cann't stop myself from eating so.  I love you guys. We shall meet up again at Koyaku restaurant.

Koyaku Location: Lot G8 & G9, Ground Floor, Podium Block, 
                                Faber Tower, Jalan Desa Bahagia, 
                                Taman Desa, 58100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Number : 03-7984 4688
Email: infor@koyaku.com.my
Follow them on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Koyaku-Japanese-Dining-Grill

Sunday, 27 September 2015

My first Experience of Bungy Jump

Do you feel terrible after see my video? This is my first experience jump from AJ Hackett Macau Tower (233m). Taking 23A bus from Macau City to Macau Tower is really convenient. The process is easy as you need to purchase entrance ticket and the Bungy jump is sponsor by Playboy Fragrance  Malaysia. Then they will required you to fill up the waiver form. Once you have fill up the waiver form, you need to change your clothe and watch 5 minute video before you proceed to Bungy Jump.
Once done, you need to weight and see how " berat" you are. Minimum 40 kg and maximum 125 kg can go for Bungy jump. Then the staff will help you to put on the strings and all those safety equipment. Before you jump, say "hi" to the camera. Raise your hand up and you are ready to jump.

OMG, it really scary when you jump down and the speed is too fast. I was stone when I jump down and manage to shout when I nearly reach down. Advice " Please be prepared in term of your mentality and physically before you challenge yourself for Bungy Jump. I do have anxiety before I jump and I nearly give up.

I glad to have a supportive partner . Both of us did it. Want to challenge yourself for Bungy Jump? Do you dare to do it?
Log in https://www.ajhackett.com/ for more information include prices and rules & regulation for Bungy jump. Hope you enjoy my video.

Monday, 21 September 2015

IsMe Beauty & Cafe brings healthy lifestyle

The first time I step into this cafe I thought I enter the wrong cafe as the cafe do sell beauty products.
Is Me Beauty & Cafe
                     IsMe Beauty & Cafe - Clean and Comfortable cafe

According to Tanky Chow, Marketing Manager, IsMe Beauty & Cafe not only care about our beauty but also provide us with healthy food. IsMe Beauty & Cafe is country's first cafe which focuses on beauty and health. 

I can stop taking the beautiful pictures. I feel like a home when enter IsMe Cafe.
I really drama in this picture.

Who wish to have a healthy diet and lifestyle? I will be the first person to raise my hand.

1) German Chicken Thuringer Sausage  - prepare using wholemeal loaf, low-fat Thuringer sausage , Mayo, German mustard, lettuce, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, gherkin and olives. Muack...muack, I love this healthy food. Not so oily and the vegetable provide me with natural vitamin that need in our body. Pssst... the fries is not oily at all. 

Frankfurts Series - German chicken Thuringer Sausage (RM 25.90)

2) Bamboo Charcoal Bun Series - Lite & Crisp Fish Burger & Chicken Lover Burger - both are prepare using bamboo charcoal bun. The bun is so fresh and I love their preparation. Clean and healthy food. Do you realize each dishes, they put a small stick written " Low Calories" ? They specially cater a healthy food for their customer.

Chicken Lover Burger (RM 25.90) and  Lite& Crisp fish Burger (RM 25.90)

3) IsMe Superfruits Croissant - Is my favorite. I will give rate 10/10 for this meal. It been prepared using IsMe croissant, strawberries, kiwi, avocado, mango, lettuce, mascarprone and cream. Super delicious and the fruits are so fresh. Dip it in ice-cream and put in your mouth. You can feel the juicy fruits and cool ice-cream melt in your mouth. 

IsMe Superfruits Croissant (RM 23.90)
4) Cheese-tastic Series - prepare using fresh mozzarella cheese. 
Cheesy Chicken (RM 28.90) & Cheesy Turkey (RM 28.90)

Their signature drinks that you try is IsMe Signature (coffee) & Signature Chocolate. IsMe Signature is brew using high quality coffee bean while my favorite Signature chocolate is using rich and quality chocolate.

Beverages around RM 10 -RM 15.90
Yummy Spaghetti. 

Is time for some dessert. Yummy...Yummy... The cake is not too sweet and taste nice.

Enjoy reading my review regarding IsMe Beauty & Cafe. A must try cafe and bookmark it in your list.

Address: IsMe Beauty & Cafe
               NU Sentral Mall

Business Hours: 10 am to 10 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Contact : 03- 22760008

Do follow them on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/IsMeBeautyCafe and their instagram: isme_beauty_cafe.

 ~Hope you enjoy reading ~

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Be Jeweled with Lacelle Jewel

Congratulation to Bausch & Lomb for the launched of Lancelle Jewel , a monthly disposable coloured contact lens in Malaysia.
 An opening speech done by Mr. Jake Kim, Managing Director of Baush & Lomb, Singapore & Malaysia. Mr. jake Kim mentioned " The latest series of Lancelle Jewel is a very appealing and will definitely suit the trends of the youths of today as it exudes out a fun and festivity mood to its users without deserting the most important factor of safety and comfort which makes Lancelle Jewel Significantly one-of- a-kind". Thank you to Baush & Lomb for developing, improving and designing a comfortable contact lenses to it user and do care of our eyes.

What make Lancelle Jewel a comfortable and safety contact lenses ?
  • Unique lens design for excellent lens fit which enhances the cosmetic effects.
  • Thin lens with center thickness of 0.078mm permits great comfort.
  • Tried and tested lens material that reduces lens dehydration for excellent comfort.
  • Unique Jewel patterns which gives more depth and sparkles.
  • FDA approved color pigment which color embedding technology which creates a comfortable and safe lens.
Lancelle Jewel created a euphoria among the massive crowds during the launch event in Sunway Pyramid on 11 September 2015. Hip Hop dance group Soul Krazy entertain the crowd with their dance movement. The event did not end there as Bausch & Lomb brings more excitement whereby Amber Chia featuring the Lancelle Jewel Collection. Amber Chia looks great and shine on the showcase whereby she wears Peridot Green .

Energetic performance from Soul Krazy

Lancelle Jewel Showcase by Amber Chia and the team.
Artist Malaysian Charbor, Joyce Chu and Atikah Suhaime wow us with their powerful voice.
You want to look great and sexy like Amber Chia too????? Lancelle Jewel has 7 colors to choose and it can match any outfit of the day to enhance your looks altogether whether it's a date or just to make a mesmerizing impression with radiant sparkling eyes with concentration on implementing excellent vision at the same time. 

I wearing Melanite Black. My eyes look more bigger, sparkling like jewel.

Beside that, Bausch & Lomb would love to raise awareness on how to care for our eyes while performing a charity cause. let's do the eye exercise together and share it on your Facebook with hashtag#bauschandlombmalaysia and #careforyoureyes and tag 3 of your friends to challenge them to do the same. Bausch & Lomb will be donating RM 5 to Malaysian Association for Blind (MAB) for video posted from 11 August to 30 September 2015.

Photo Credit to Bausch & Lomb 

For more information regarding Lancelle Jewels from Bausch & Lomb,visit their Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lacellemy

Friday, 18 September 2015

The Crazy Bites - A Fun Place to Explore for Good Food

Anyone is crazy about food? Bringing to you a tasty food from The Crazy Bites. One bite of the food you will sure want to try every of their food.

The Crazy Bites's design has captured my eye and I find The Crazy Bites is creative.

Let's explore more about this restaurant. You must be wonder what is so special regarding The Crazy Bites? This cute pink color monster will bring more surprise to you. The Crazy Bites did not serve any pork or lard.

Pose first before start eating. This cutie is cool or me????? Nyeh...Nyeh...Nyeh

 Let look at the menu for what to eat. I think I going to try their burger, pizza, pasta and local delight. Yummy...yummy.

The food are ready to be served. I personally love their Goat Bites (Lamb). The Herbs Bun are Freshly Baked Daily to ensure 100% freshness of the bun. One bite at their burger, I can taste the freshness of their ingredient. Marvelous and it's just incrazible. You should try the pizza too. The pizza is crunchy and the ingredient is fresh.

Nom... Nom... Which one should I eat first? Oh gosh, the food so attractive and smell nice.
Love the Calamari rings

It really so delicious especially the sauce that they use. (Carbonara sauce)

Johan's Nasi lemak is the best nasi lemak that served by The Crazy Bites. This nasi lemak is chef recommendation. Must try and you sure lick the whole plate. 

 The Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice smell nice. Their Thai fried rice go well with the sambal. 

Want challenge yourself with some spicy food? If you love spicy food, I will recommend you to try this. It really caught me on fire.
I order my favorite Hot Earl Grey Chocolate. One sip, I can taste the rich and pure chocolate. It smell nice and enjoy this drink. Can I have one more cup, please????? Haha.

Which one should I try? Maracuja Peneapple Tea, Mango Mojito or Forest Fruit Milkshake? Ok. no need choose because all the drink taste nice. End up I try 3 of this drinks. Personally will recommend the Forest Fruit Milkshake.

Nice decoration. This is Cafe Latte

Special thanks to The Crazy Bites for serving us with a good food. Overall, a good place to hang out, good services and the very important part is good food that value for money. It suitable for small gathering, event and even birthday party. Anyone want to date me? Let's go to The Crazy Bites again. 

Address : The Crazy Bites,
                 A13, SS 15/4D,
                 Subang Jaya
Contact   : 03-58798102