Tuesday, 27 October 2015

O'Briens Serve The Best Sandwich

O'Briens at Shaftsbury Cyberjaya
Have you try O'Briens Sandwich before? Thanks to O'Briens for having me in " Best Sandwich Competition" workshop. Mr. Lawrence and Mr. William from O'Briens welcome us with a warm smile. A short introduction by Mr. William regarding O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe.
O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe founded in 1988 By Brody Sweeny in Dublin, Ireland and expanded to over 200 stores worldwide. Now O'Briens has 21 outlets in Malaysia that provide healthy wholesome meal. 

Have you try O'Briens sandwich before? O'Briens breads are baked with specially formulated Irish recipe. Shambo is O'Briens unique bread as the shape of the bread is Shamrock. The Shamrock is the epitome of Ireland and represents good luck thus it is closely associate to O'Briens. The ingredient that use by O'Briens is natural, fresh and healthy. For example: they using the natural cheese, premium ingredients such as chunky tuna in brine, smoked chicken slice, fresh juice that provide you with various vitamins and etc. 

O'Briens Menu

For Coffee lover, give a try on O'Briens special brew coffee from two premium coffee beans, Arabic and Robusta. The taste of rich coffee make it unforgettable moment to my partner. He mentions the coffee taste nice and aroma of the coffee is strong and nice.

The interesting part come now..... I been given a opportunity to prepare a healthy Sandwich. A bit " kan cheong".  Mr. William mentions we will be judge for 3 categories of making a good sandwich. While Lawrence help to take our ingredient for Sandwich.
The judges will evaluate your cutting bread skill. You have to cut your bread into two.
How you prepare your sandwich in layering? According to Willam, a good sandwich is the ingredients been prepared in each layering and you can taste everything.
Judge the cutting skills after the bread has been toated.
First we have to choose our bread, one meat, one cheese, prefer sauce and 3 vegetables. Before we start preparing the bread, O'Briens staff do a simple demonstration for us.
Demonstration from O'Briens staff

Boyfriend: Cool Down, smile first ..... Me: eiiiiiii
Before the competition start, we take a wefie pleaseee... I so nervous . 

Wash our hand first . Then choose our own bread

My sandwich is ready to be served.

Now guess who is the winner???? Of course is not me but I glad I gain the best knowledge from O'Briens.

Is time for makan- makan and chit chatting. By the way, we give Mr. William a Birthday surprise. hapy Birthday Mr. William. May O'Briens business keep growing and hope all Malaysian can try their tasty and healthy sandwich.

Nice and healthy food serve for us and our partner.

Before the end of the session, Mr. William show us how they make a fresh orange and not sugar added in the orange juices. Only O'Briens has orange peeling machine. Yummy and I love the fresh orange juice.

Oh yahhh, O'Briens also provide delivery service. You still can enjoy a tasty O'Briens sandwich that send to your doorstep.

Thank you O'Briens for having us and we enjoy our workshop. My boyfriend says next time he want to try make sandwich if we been invited again.:P He jealous.......haha

For more information, log in to their website at www.obriens.com.my or follow them on FB: https://www.facebook.com/obriens.msia

~Happy reading. Sending O'Briens Love to all my reader. ~

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dolly Eyelash from Pink Passion The Signature Saloon

This month The Butterfly Project Malaysia collaborate with Pink Passion The Signature Saloon to support Breast Cancer Awareness and 10% is donated to Pink Ribbon. I glad to join " Think Boobies People" a butterfly project.

It has been long time I never go for Eyelash extension. Thanks to Pink Passion The Signature Saloon for giving me a dolly eyelash. The saloon is easy to allocate as the whole building is pink colour and this is my favourite colour too. The saloon is located at Sunway Mas Commercial (Aman Suria area). Guess what???? I wear pink dresses to give my 100% support for Think boobies People.

The staff welcome me with a warm smile. She politely ask me to seat first as she attends one customer.

I walk around to have a look as I am attracted with their pink design. Clean and neat saloon .

Once the customer has go off, the staff attend to me immediately. Before she starts the session, she check with me what type of eyelashes length that I prefer. I not sure which type is suitable to me so she suggests me to use the medium type. I trust on her professionalism.

It does not pain and the process only takes 30-40 minutes. I nearly fell asleep during the session. Once done, she asks me to open my eye and I can feel something stick on my eyelash. It look so natural when I look into the mirror. The staff advice me to touch up after 3-4 weeks. 

Can you see the different after eyelash extension????

I love the eyelash extension so much. Easy to take can and it does not drop easily. See my eyelashes still curl and longer after the 3rd day. Superb Superb like it.

Do you want to have dolly eyelashes like me??? I have discount vouchers for you. 

Just flash this voucher and you get to enjoy Buy 1 Free 1 Natural Rich Lashes Extension for only RM88 at Pink Passion The Signature Saloon. Booking in advance for the eyelash extension. For more information visit: www.pinkpassion.com.my or visit their FB:https://www.facebook.com/pinkpassionsignaturesalon

Pink Passion The Signature Saloon
No.37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
SunwayMas Commercial Centere,
47301 Petaling Jaya
03-7805 7285

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Happy Feet with Gran's Remedy

Feeling embarrassed when you have smelly feet??? This feeling haunted me and my boyfriend too. I not even dare to take off my shoe when in office or even try a shoe when at shoe boutique. Having smelly feet can be embarrassing and social isolating problem. 
Causes of smelly feet:
  • Wear the footwear will long period without any air flow in.
  • Wearing shoe that make from synthetic material increase the sweat flow in and did not have absorption. 
  • Did not change sock at least once a day and will add to foot odour happen.
  • Have serious sweat feet.
My boyfriend leg has old wound due to sweaty feet and wearing show make from synthetic material

I cannot stand the smelly shoe. ewwww

Basically feet odour happen due to sweat. Sweat basically just salt and water, so it doesn't have distinctive smell. The smelly feet actually cause by bacteria on our skin that feed on the sweat and excrete waste which has a strong odour. 
Good new for people that has smelly feet as Gran's Remedy can eliminate smelly feet and smelly footwear.
Gran's Remedy Original foot powder

Gran's Remedy is manufactured from New Zealand and exported to worldwide. In New Zealand, Gran's Remedy has been the market leader in its category for many years. Using the traditional remedy handed down through the generations, Gran's Remedy today is the leader in development of smelly feet and footwear products.
I started using Gran's remedy for 4 days and I really surprise with the result. The strong smell of my footwear started to decrease and it make my feet stay fresh all day long.

Just sprinkle spoonful day and night continuously for seven consecutive days or until the powder is used up. A treated footwear should stay odour-free up to six months. If your feet sweat a lot, you can apply directly on your feet provided your feet did not has wound.

Ingredients :  Potassium Aluminium Sulphate,, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Undecylenate, Talc, Manuka Oil, Kawakawa Oil  

I feel confident with Gran's Remedy. Start a happy feet with Gran's Remedy as it eliminate odour and make your feet stay fresh and odourless. Visit http://www.gransremedy.com.my/ for more information. Pssst..Gran's Remedy has a promotion now.

My Dear Reader, now you can enjoy 10% off from your total bill once you key in using my code "BE888". Start to cure your smelly feet before it getting worst.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A Valuable Gift Specially Design From Printcious – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

I hate to think what to buy if your boyfriend birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation day, parental day or Valentine's day. Why need to think so hard when you can choose customize gift from Printcious.
Printcious is Malaysia Online Personalized Gift Store that provide printing services on more than 200 DIY gifts such as T-shirt, mugs, puzzle, phone cases, cushion , mouse pad, key chains etc and special wording. 
You want it to be memorize gift , why don't design your own gift. Printcious provides online design tool for you to customize your gift. Easy steps:-
1) Let's choose a gift first. I choose Mug.

2) The choose your favorite colour and click at "customise it"

3) Then choose to add image, text or OR scan. Once you have finish, click at done button.

4) Your customise design will show out and then click " Add to Cart" when you finalize your design. Here you go, simple and easy to design. I love my own design. Erhemmmm (I praising my own creativity).

Now I really fall in love with Printcious as
  • Provide variety choices of gift for you to choose.
  • It will be memorable gift.
  • A meaningful gift that can cheer someone up.
  • It so convenient as I can purchase or customise online with only one click.
  • Affordable price
  • Free delivery when you purchase above RM75
  • This is my main point why I choose Printcious.com as they value their customer and customer is their 1st priority. You get 7 days Free return if the product defective during delivery.
Wow, now you know why I choose my gift from Printcious. Want to view more their wonderful/ special gift????

Sweet sweet leh.. I add it name on the T-shirt. Surprise gift for Valentine. 

Sign up now as their new member and enjoy discount up to 30%. Printcious - Precious Gifts From Your heart is their tagline. Printcious believes " Giving with Arts is Giving with Heart"! visit their website at www.Printcious.com or follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/printcious . 

The Journey to Hello Kitty in Oz

En. Fahruddin Najumudeen, General Manager of SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN poses with Dorothy of Oz and Badtz Maru

Good News to Hello Kitty Fans as the Great Witch Of OZ has make her way to Malaysia. Hurray......The Journey to OZ will kick- start at Quill City Mall from 23- 25th October 2015 to gives opportunity to Public to view and participate the search of OZ. During the Hello Kitty on OZ roadshow , the visitor can enjoy the character appearances from Hello Kitty, coloring activities for children, search and win activity, lucky draw and a themed setting for photo opportunities. 

 Limited Hello Kitty in Oz merchandise on sale at SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN from 31st October 2015 on wards (Photo Credit to organizer)
Limited Hello Kitty in Oz merchandise on sale at SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN from 31st October 2015 on wards (Photo Credit to organizer)

That cute right???? I want to own all of them and bring them home. This upcoming OZ will officially launch in SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN, Puteri Harbour on 31st October 2015. According to Fahruddin Najumudeen, General Manager SANRIO HELLO KITTY Town "“We are in fact the first SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN themed attraction in the world outside of Japan, having officially opened our doors in 2012. I am excited to announce that we have in store a magical experience that bespeaks adventure and the quest to find courage, wisdom, and heart. Combining the characters and friends from Hello Kitty’s world with aspects from L. Frank Baum’s ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ children’s classic, Hello Kitty in Oz will transport guests to Oz itself – where Hello Kitty takes on the mantle of The Great Witch of Oz. ” 

(L-R) Mr Ng Chee Keong, Chief Operating Officer of Quill City Mall, Ms. Melissa Wong, Centre Manager of Quill City Mall, Badtz Maru, Dorothy of Oz, and En. Fahruddin Najumudeen, General Manager of SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN
In tandem with this new attraction, SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN will also be opening a special Hello Kitty in Oz retail shop that will carry exclusive limited edition Hello Kitty in Oz collectible merchandises.

With activities suitable for the entire family, Hello Kitty in Oz promises to be a big hit with the young and young at heart.

Now I become more and more excited. I can't wait to meet Badtz Maru and my favorite Hello Kitty. Don't miss The Journey to Hello Kitty in OZ roadshow at Quill City Mall. Visit https://www.facebook.com/SanrioHelloKittyTown for schedule that arrange for public. 

~ Wohooo, I will come and Join the Roadshow Soon ~

Monday, 19 October 2015

30 Days To Happy Kidney Campaign

Kidney is one of important organ our body as it helps to remove excess water in our body, retain the water that need by our body and excess minerals will flush out from our body through urine. I have lost someone that I love last year due to kidney failure. He was a diabetes patient and due to unhealthy lifestyle , his kidney not able to function well. 

Let's do our part by taking care and love our kidney. 

Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed) is collaborating with the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) for the 30 Days Happy Kidney campaign. The campaign seeks to increase awareness on caring for the kidney among Malaysians, and also to raise funds to benefit NKF.

The 30 Days to Happy Kidneys campaign aims to get Malaysians to commit to take better
care of their kidneys by taking up the 30 Days to Happy Kidneys Challenge. The challenge features a 30-day calendar with a different daily activity that prompts members of the public to learn about kidney health and adopt kidney-healthy practices.  During The 30 Days To Happy Kidney Challenge is a contest whereby donors who have purchased the 30 Day Challenge pledge card are encouraged to participate in a daily Insta-photo competition, They are required to complete 30 types of activities in 30 days, and post a picture daily on their Instagram account with the hashtag #30DaysToHappyKidneys. There will be a weekly mystery prize winner, as well as a grand prize winner who'll stand a chance to win RM5000 worth of prizes. The grand prize winner will be announced on the 15th of November 2015.

The second objective of this activity is to help NKF raise funds for kidney failure patients who rely on dialysis as life support. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) of Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to helping Malaysians suffering from end stage kidney failure who lack access to or cannot afford dialysis treatment. NKF currently has over 1,500 dialysis patients receiving subsidised dialysis treatment in over 27 dialysis centres nationwide. The reason to why NKF is in need of funds is because every year they incur an outlay of more than RM30mil to run the operations of their foundation, with approximately RM14.5mil is expended directly to subsidize the dialysis fees of about 1500 patients who cannot afford the yearly dialysis expense of RM24,000 per patient.

In 2015 alone, NKF needs to replace four reverse osmosis water treatment systems costing RM120,000 each, 10 dialysis machines costing RM45,000 each, 20 units of other dialysis-related machines such as dialyser reprocessors or artificial kidney machines costing RM32,000 each. Sunway Medical Centre aims to help raise RM93,000 for NKF through the Happy Kidney campaign – RM46,500 from the public and RM46,500 from SunMed in order to subsidise 15,000 dialysis sessions on behalf of NKF.

The cards are available for donors at Sunway Medical Centre and during the World Diabetes Day roadshows by SunMed at the following locations:
  • Sunway Carnival Penang (Oct 17)
  • Menara Sunway Bandar Sunway (Oct 27 to 29)
  • Blue Concourse Sunway Pyramid (13 to 15 Nov)
For every Ringgit donated, Sunway Medical Centre will match the amount. You may also donate online at http://www.peoplegiving.org/campaign-page?campId=174

Join me in this campaign to donate RM 11 for the 30 days pledge card. Your donation will help the kidney patient.

The Story of 4matic - We Roar, We Strong , We Rock (Allianz Food Hunt 2015)

The alarm rings at 6.15am and outside still dark. I so sleepy but I force myself to wake up. We promise Heng to reach at 7.30pm. We sorry for late a bit.

Our team ready for #AllianzFoodieHunt2015.

 How we been formed up???? 4matic been formed up since October 2014 and we are active in hunt and marathon. Why we call our self 4matic???? This choose by our brother, Heng as he mentions 4matic is type of Mercedes. Ermmm, I like the name as we are strong as Mercedes... Wuahaha. 

Alright, come back to the story lah...

Start morning exercise first. Is Zumba time. See how crazy we are during Zumba time. Everyone enjoy it.

Once finish, now we receive our task and we ready for the food hunt. 8 stations assign to us and we need to plan wisely our route.

Rules for that day:
  • Can use public transport like LRT or KTM or Bus
  • No pick up is allow
  • Can walk to the destination
  • Be safe during the Food Hunt.
  • Minimum 6 stations need to complete
  • Take picture at each station and tag the team name and hashtag AllianFoodHunt2015
Mission 1 : Mamak Mee @ Pelita, Ampang

I am the first person take the challenge. A bit messy on that station as competitor " berebut" for the Mamak Mee. 

I cannot now.. too full. Later carry me ya :P
Mission 2 : Nasi Padang, Masakan Padang Asli Kampung Baru

Heng is your turn take the challenge. He mumble when see the food " Too kering the rice".. wuahaha

Just simbah the kuah to the rice and eat.

After eat, we quickly proceed to another mission but we like lost dog. We can't locate where is Pak Ali restaurant. Thanks to the neighborhood for showing us the route.

Mission 3 : Nasi Campur, Restaurant Pak Ali, Gerak 21 Kampung Baru

This part I cannot stand as I laugh when seeing Leong Wai eat raw " Petai" and Vegetable. His expression " Heng faster bring me kuah". Then Heng busy scoop some " Kuah" 1st Kuah: Sweet (Leong Wai: Eiii, sweet want. change.. change) 2nd Kuah: A bit spicy and a bit Sour (Leong Wai speed up once he try the 2nd sauce)

Mission 4: Indian Sweets, Station Masjid Jamek

First time eat Ladoo. My mouth full of food and I quickly ask my teammates to complete task. they so smart, they grab the owner of the shop and ask him regarding the food name. We pass. Next plssss but give me water first. so sweet. hehehe

Mission 5: Roti special with teh tarik, Mansion Tea

Heng and Leong eye become bigger, when the food serve to them. They say half boil egg.. Haha... Heng accepts challenge and he eat it up. But no Teh Tarik. Boss mentions no more worrr....

Move.. move.. 4matic.. We go Pasar Seni and accept our challenge. But...But...we turn back as it so far.. Sob..Sob.. Bye Nasi lemak and Chendol... No enough time for us.

Mission 6 : Fierce Curry House , Bangsar

Our last mission. Leong go for it... But he saw rice, he already scare. blek...no choice.

Fuyohhhh, we complete our minimum task and we straight go to Rebung restaurant, Bangsar to submit our mission. We also complete our Bonus Mission.

Want guess the answer????? we scratch our head and the google. Coward Grain is our challenge.. Hihi. Don't look at my answer first. See how many you can guess it right.

  1. Teh Tarik
  2. Rendang
  3. Apom Balik
  4. Bahulu
  5. Chicken Rice Ball
  6. Pisang Goreng
  7. Roti Bom
  8. Pasembur
  9. Ayam Pongteh
  10. Otak-Otak.
Ngek...Ngek.. some pictures so tricky. We did not win the race but we been choose as the Best photo. Oh ya... Massage and manicure is provide to us after the rest. cool.

Winner for Best photo

I love you all

Thank you Allianz for the awesome event. We enjoy it and 4matic look forward for new challenge. Photo credit to Allianz too.